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Apna Cricket

An app dedicated to cricket statistics, providing player insights for cricket enthusiasts.

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Team statistics, player performance data, and historical insights.

Experience the ultimate cricket stats app, offering fans comprehensive player performance data, live match updates, and historical insights for an immersive cricketing experience.

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UI Design

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Old Designs

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New Designs

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Live Match Updates

Stay in the cricketing loop with Apna Cricket, delivering real-time match updates, live scores, and in-depth statistics, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action.

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Jaldi Team Banao

Delivering concise team summaries to help fans effortlessly craft winning lineups.

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Stadium Ki Samajh

Offering in-depth stadium information and statistics, enhancing your cricketing experience with comprehensive data on venues and historical insights.

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Player Performance

Delivering in-depth insights into player performance, batting and bowling records, and comprehensive statistics to keep you informed and engaged with your favorite players' achievements on the field.

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Bowlers Battle

In-depth analysis of a specific bowler's performance against any chosen team, providing valuable insights into head-to-head statistics.

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Batters Battle

Detailed analysis of a specific batter's performance against any team, providing valuable insights and statistics to enhance your cricket knowledge and strategy.

Final Outcome

AI-based video analytics has already shown promising results in various sports, including tennis, soccer, and basketball. By using video analytics, coaches and players can improve their game and achieve better results in matches. The data provided by the software can also be used to develop more effective training programs and strategies.

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